Hello, my name is Ashley. I am a mom of (soon to be) THREE little girls. I have been behind the camera for 6 years. It was becoming a mother to those sweet girls that ignited my passion in photography. I haven't looked back. It has been a great 6 years of learning and perfecting this beautiful art. I am very proud of my business, and value all of my clients who have helped me grow to where I am today.

As a newborn & family photographer, responsible for life's most precious memories I strive for perfection. Whether that be in light or in the props I am choosing to work with, it all is the same to me! I work very hard to assure clients have photos they love and treasure. I would want nothing less for my clients then what I would want for my own family.

I am a canon girl, and I only shoot with prime fixed lenses. I specialize in that creamy, dreamy look. Not much excites me more then a good lens, tack sharp focus and extremely soft creamy background blur! I am skilled in both natural and in studio strobe lighting. I love the rich colors of "golden hour" and getting outside running around and playing with kiddos! I also adore my baby snuggles in studio where I am privileged enough to have a very large studio full of props, many background set ups and state of the art studio lighting that mimics natural lighting.

Fun facts!

- I am an east coaster by heart and still miss so many things about that beautiful part of the country. We made the move to Alberta (Calgary) in 2014. (We have however grown to love this city!)

- My family LOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEES Disney! Its pretty much to the point where when we say we are going on vacation everyone knows it will be to Disney World!

- I am the oldest of 4 kids and 11 grand children. I have been around little ones my ENTIRE life! People always comment on how much patience I have with children, this may be why!

- I love to read! And have built a TON of my knowledge on photography through reading, reading and reading some more!

- I have been married to my wonderful husband for 9 years!

- We love the mountains and take any chance we can to explore. ( Session in the mountains anyone?)