Hello, my name is Ashley. I am a mom of THREE little girls. I have been behind the camera for 8 years. It was becoming a mother to those sweet girls that ignited my passion for photography. I haven't looked back. I started my career as a lifestyle and wedding photographer. However babies (in every size!) stole my heart and my passion. I have taken many courses in newborn photography (most importantly SAFETY!) and have worked very hard at tweaking and perfecting this beautiful art over the years. I never stop learning and am always furthering my education as a professional newborn photographer. That being said as a mother there are skills I have obtained that you could never learn in a book or a workshop and that is love and tenderness for these precious tiny humans.

I also spend ALOT of my time photographing growing family’s and baby’s milestones. Whether that be a sitter session or a cake smash session. My family sessions are all about getting your family comfortable in from of my camera. I want real genuine moments. Parents are always amazed at my ability to turn an unwilling toddler into a happy little camper! I want our sessions to be fun, so I make it fun! Cake smash photography gives me a chance to bring out the hands on artist in me. I love customizing and creating all new sets from scratch. I use a combination of my designing skills and my die cutting machine to really create a unique baby specific set. That can be anything from name banners to cake toppers and every thing in between. Chances are if you seen it in my cake smash photo, I created it!

A few fun facts about me and my family. We LOVE Disney! All things Disney but especially Disney World! (Ok so maybe I somewhat drag my husband along)

We are from the east coast (New Brunswick to be exact!) and we (me mainly) miss the ocean, the beaches, the smell of salt water, the very sight of water! While the rest of my family has fallen in love with these beautiful rocky mountains (pretty much in our backyard.) I would trade them any day for the ocean!

I am a soccer, gymnastic and rock climbing mom. When I do not have a camera in my hand (or computer!) you can find me with a cup of coffee instead chasing kids, driving kids, picking up kids etc….. We live a busy life but I would not change it for the world!

Fun fact: I nicknamed our family the A team. Every one of our names begins with the letter A ;)