Its the most anticipating time of your life, your expecting a tiny new life! Congratulations! Now lets document every detail of these precious fleeting moments. From the soft skin to the squishy cheeks, the sweet little wrinkles and the pouty lips. Rest assured every detail will be captured beautifully and professionally. Parents and siblings are a big part of this new adventure and of course are welcomed in all sessions. Parents breath easy knowing that your babes safety is my top most priority. After 6 years experience and as a mom myself I know how hard it can be to hand your baby over for posing. This is why I put safety first. Always. Parents are happy to be able to sit back relax and take in their sweet new bundle as we place him/her in some pretty adorable



  • Photographers experience, talent and artistic abilities.

  • Professional editing and retouching skills on all images.

  • A large and updated selection of modern, timeless props. This can include hats, bonnets, tiebacks, wraps, knit sets, baskets, background options and much, much more.

  • Freshly laundered props (this applys to everything your new baby will be using!)

  • Exceptional customer service. 

  • One on one communication before and after your session to ensure you receive images you love. I work with clients to make their dream sessions come true. This includes a pre session information packet that will answer any questions and prep you for your session. (Dont worry not much is required beyond arriving!)

  • Optional In person ordering session where I assist you in ordering your best images and advise you on all available products

  • And most importantly the experience of a moms touch who knows just how hard it can be to hand over your baby to someone new <3