I have a very spacious in home studio located in Royal Oak NW. I am privileged to offer my clients a very cozy, relaxing environment. The studio has many different backdrop set ups to allow easy transition, is full of many many props, and kept clean and tidy!


When to book?

For your newborn photography it is never too early too book and I have some mamas who book once they get past that first 12 weeks. I always advise to book 2 months in advance and as an added bonus for booking 2 months in advance of your due date I offer a discount of 10%. Check out my "Special Offers" page! HOWEVER I always have a day open in my schedule per week due to the nature of newborn photography (you just NEVER know when baby will come) so contact me even if you have already had your sweet little bundle! When booking I mark your due date into my calendar.

For maternity, this can be done the same time you book your newborn photos. I always recommend photographing your maternity photos around weeks 32-35. This will allow you lots of time before baby comes to view your images!

For family sessions, this is highly dependable on the time of year, if you are wanting a weekend fall session it is best to book end of July, first of August. Even sooner if you have a very specific date. These sessions do book up fast!


What to wear?

This is a question I get asked many many times a year! Please avoid wearing logos and/or graphics. These can date an image quickly in 10 years. We want your images to be timeless and have years in mind when talking displaying!

Always wear colors that compliment each other, warm neutrals, cool neutrals, soft pastels, rich colors, etc. Pinterest is a great place for looking up color palates.

Textures and layers add depth and appeal to your images.

When all else fails follow the "pattern rule" (as I like to call it) Pick one pattern for a member in the family and pull colors FROM that pattern for all the other members of the family.

Match through accessories. If daughter has a red headband, put a pair of red heels on mom! This is very creative and you will be surprised how much it "pops"

For in studio newborn family photos, wear soft colors. Ones without harsh colors that can reflect on the skin. Think baby, what colors do you think of when you think of a newborn baby?

Avoid neon clothing AT ALL TIMES. This type of clothing reflects light and whatever color you are wearing you can be sure it will reflect on your skin or that of the other members of your family.


What to bring?

It is important to know you are not required to bring anything! I am a photographer who does not highly rely on props. I love a more natural candid approach without the use of props.

For family's with small children it is always a good idea to bring lots of snacks, a drink or a special toy/blanket.

For newborns mom and dad may bring items to incorporate their career into the images, a favorite blanket, or teddy. Please remember I provide all hats, bonnets, headbands etc so you are not required to bring those. Also an email with information pre session will be sent off to all my newborn clients.



- A $50 non refundable deposit is required for all sessions. If you do not secure your session through a deposit then please know your session date/time is not guaranteed and will be passed on to the next person who would like to secure the date. Full payment is due the day of the session. I accept many forms of payment including credit card, interac etransfer, and cash.



Lets face it, we live in Calgary. Where ive heard countless times "if you dont like the weather wait 20 minutes, it will change!" Unpredictable weather is something I have to deal with on a regular basis. If we have poor weather conditions on the day of your session rest assured we will reschedule.


Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes I require all my clients to sign a contract outlining session details and what is expected of us both.


When do you schedule your outdoor sessions?

This is so VERY important. Most clients do not realize the difference shooting at that perfect time of day can make. Let me tell you, it is a game changer! Shooting 1-2 hours before sunset will make your images stand out. think beautiful skin tones, soft even shadows and rich colors. (Who doesn't like all that!?!) For this reason I schedule all my sessions around this time.


When will I receive my pictures?

Galleries will be ready for viewing generally 2-3 weeks (season depending) from the date of session. Christmas minis are the only exception and are done within 7-10 days. This is all susceptible to change should AC Photography have a sudden emergency, or illness beyond her control.


Still have questions? Email me at