Astella - Sitter Session ~ Calgary Photographer ~

This is the face of a little rascal to say the least! Astella is proving to be quite the little spitfire. Sitting at 5 months unsupported and, crawling days before turning 6 months old. She is now 6 months old and one busy teeny tiny 13lb little gal ;) You wouldn't know it here but she was one tough cookie to photograph. It was a constant game of crawling off the set and putting her back on it haha! I had to work extra hard to get these smiles as she has caught onto my tricks by now and avoids the camera like the plaque. But she takes it all in stride, is always happy and is she EVER worth all the trouble! The first set of images were taken at 6 months the second half (where you can see her with her two big sisters) was taken at 5 months. You can even see a side by side of her newborn photo and now. She is wearing the same floral headpiece and as always its amazing to see the changes! Mama's dont blink, they truly grow too fast!!!

Above you can see Astella as a newborn and her now in the same headband. 

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