Rhyker's Newborn Photography Session - Calgary Newborn Photographer

I loved everything about this family’s session! From the colors we coordinated and mom requested to the amazing cooperation shown by the big brothers! Rhyker is the youngest of three sweet little boys! His big brothers just adore him, which is so easy to do. This little guy was just perfection in an 8lb bundle!


The way this monochromatic color scheme just flowed together I dare say this may be my most favorite newborn session to date! Im not one to jump on trends as I prefer to stick with something that is timeless and classic. However as a long time black and white fan this is a trend I could photograph over and over again!!

AC Photography is located in Evanston NW of Calgary, and provides the highest quality of images for the littlest of people! Specializing in Newborn and Cake Smash photography.

Triplets Nixon, Kaysen & Easton - Calgary Newborn Photography

These precious boys helped me to cross something off my bucket list. To photograph triplets!!! I could not tell you how excited I was when I found out that these sweet boys mamas had agreed to drive to Calgary from Edmonton to see me!

Nixon, Kaysen and Easton have an amazing rare and beautiful story. These boys were born to two amazing mamas. After trying for some time to conceive they got the incredible news of not one, not two but THREE miracle babies! Nixon and Kaysen are identical twins! Easton is a singleton. It really is one of the most amazing tings I have heard of! The human body never ceases to amaze me of what it can do.

These photos received a lot of attention and was even chosen to be published in Ana Brandts Rainbow Baby magazine in 2018!


AC Photography is located in Evanston NW of Calgary, and provides the highest quality of images for the littlest of people! Specializing in Newborn and Cake Smash photography.

Roman's Where The Wild Things Are Cake Smash- Calgary Cake Smash Photography

“Oh, please don't go—we'll eat you up—we love you so!” Pretty much describes how I felt photographing this baby boy! I didnt want to stop! This book is a favorite among my own children and I had been dying to photograph this theme in the form of a cake smash. I knew planning this session I wanted to bring the book to life. The wild rumpus scene is one of my favorites. So after brainstorming and brainstorming I came up with the idea of the little silhouettes and brought them to life! They are 100% real and not photo-shopped in.

Ashley is a Calgary based photographer located in the NW area of Calgary. Offering nearly a decade of experience. For more information on booking a cake smash photography session and packages and pricing please visit here.

Creatively, cake smash sessions are my favorite! I love that I can be creative not only with my photography but with crafts and design which is another passion of mine.  I discuss in detail the vision and theme with each parent, and then create a one of a kind set for your baby. No two sets are ever alike.  Admittedly these are A LOT of work, however I love the feeling of stepping back and seeing everything come together and what I was able to accomplish. 

I design everything! From custom banners, to decor, cake toppers and I can even create a custom onesie to match your set!! A fully decorated set is INCLUDED in the price of the cake smash sessions. Which you can find here. I offer a level of commitment and creativity you will not find anywhere else in Calgary.

I have attached some highlights from some of my recent cake smash sessions. From simple and sweet to extravagant and bold. There is nothing I can not put together!!! I will describe what I did for each set. You think it and I will create it.  

Soren & Bohdi's Newborn Session - Calgary Newborn photographer

I love any chance I get to photograph multiples, because if there is anything better than one baby, its more than one baby! This family was so photogenic! Right down to 18 month “big” brother Hudson! One would think this session would be extra hard, but Hudson blew me away! He was the most amazing little toddler I have ever photographed at this age! Enjoy these super adorable photos of three little brothers :)

Scarlett's Newborns Session - Calgary Newborn Photographer

Scarlett and her big sister photographed like little Angels! Their sister photo is so precious. Mom had the dress bought and I matched and styled the image to the dress. I couldn’t be happier with the results and mom was in love too!

AC Photographys is located in Calgary Alberta. In the Northwest community of Evanston. I offer Newborn photography, Cake Smash photography (with some pretty AMAZING sets!) Family photography, and everything in between!

Audrey's Newborn Photography Session ~ Calgary Newborn Photographer ~

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Little Miss Audrey was an absolute GEM to work with. As you can tell by the many beautiful images it was extremely hard to narrow this little gals gallery down. The fact that her big bro looks like a tiny pint size model did not help make my job any easier ;) Heck how photogenic is this ENTIRE family! 

For Audrey sessions mom requested girly. The more girly the better. So of course pink and purple made it on the agenda, along with florals and lace. 

I also got the first opportunity to use my new succulent backdrop here in which I handmade the little floral crown specifically for.

I hope you enjoy and goo and gahh over these images as much as me!


Vendors I used here are Mia Joy Studio (the adorable lace wrap) and Fancy Shmancy by Monica Dragon. 

Astella - Sitter Session ~ Calgary Photographer ~

This is the face of a little rascal to say the least! Astella is proving to be quite the little spitfire. Sitting at 5 months unsupported and, crawling days before turning 6 months old. She is now 6 months old and one busy teeny tiny 13lb little gal ;) You wouldn't know it here but she was one tough cookie to photograph. It was a constant game of crawling off the set and putting her back on it haha! I had to work extra hard to get these smiles as she has caught onto my tricks by now and avoids the camera like the plaque. But she takes it all in stride, is always happy and is she EVER worth all the trouble! The first set of images were taken at 6 months the second half (where you can see her with her two big sisters) was taken at 5 months. You can even see a side by side of her newborn photo and now. She is wearing the same floral headpiece and as always its amazing to see the changes! Mama's dont blink, they truly grow too fast!!!

Above you can see Astella as a newborn and her now in the same headband. 

If you are looking for a Calgary photographer to capture your a special time in your life then you are in luck! I have years experience with newborns and children. It is my mission to capture your baby not only beautifully but safely.  For a list of my packages and pricing please visit for newborn or here for children. Also I would LOVE for you to follow me on instagram at acphotography_alberta


Elliott's Newborn Session- Calgary Newborn Photographer

Elliott is already shaping up to be one awesome human. From Harry Potter to Star Wars this little fan will blow you away with all his adorableness. He demonstrates he has what it takes to be a Jedi and can totally hold his own wand ;) You have got to check these images out. 

Elliott came into the studio with his mom, dad and big brother. They were all just picture perfect! His big bro was super helpful, Elliott is one lucky little guy. Mom is a blogger of an awesome blog called "See The World in PINK"  <- which is jammed pack with all kinds of great content on makeup, skincare etc etc (I will link her info below.)

I was blown away by how content Elliott was during his photo session (THESE ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ALL HIS IMAGES), Elliott is the prime example of why I do not turn newborns away past those first couple of weeks. Although I do recommend photos be done within the first 15 days of birth I am open to little babes of all ages. I will never turn a baby away due to their age. Mr. Elliott came into the studio at about 6 weeks of age, and as you can tell he did AMAZING! Every bit as well as any 10 day old baby I had. 

If you are looking for a Calgary newborn photographer to capture your baby's once in a lifetime debut, then you are in luck! I have years experience with newborns and children. It is my mission to capture your baby not only beautifully but safely.  For a list of my packages and pricing please visit here. Also I would LOVE for you to follow me on instagram at acphotography_alberta


Don't forget to check out Elliott's mamas blog!


Instagram @ reneeclementine

Ivy - Calgary Newborn Photographer

This teeny tiny real life doll was born at just under 6lbs, but that didnt stop her from rocking her session!!! 

Ivy came into the studio with mom, dad and big sister Olive. She slept like a dream the entire time while I worked away posing her in and out of different poses. When I seen Ivy I knew this particular flower headband (first picture below) would go beautifully with her gorgoeous skin tone. She must have agreed because look how absolutely adorbale she looks while wearing it!

Big sister Olive wasnt a fan of getting any pictures done however with a little bit of coaxing, some peek-a-boo and a game of 21 questions we managed to get some pretty adorable shots! 

This gallery is so jammed packed with some gorgeous images that I hope you will enjoy! If you like what you see feel free to like me on facebook at  or follow me on instagram @acphotography_alberta to follow my most current work! If you are interested in booking your own session with me click HERE to view a list of my packages and pricing. (there is something for ALL budgets)

If you are looking for a Calgary newborn photographer to capture your baby's once in a lifetime debut, then you are in luck! I have years experience with newborns and children. It is my mission to capture your baby not only beautifully but safely.  For a list of my packages and pricing please visit here

Cake smash GALORE !!!!! ~Calgary, Alberta Photographer~

Cake smashes have almost become a sort of "right of passage" for little babies reaching their 1st year milestone! These wildly popular sessions are SO much fun and the results will guarantee smiles and laughs for years to come.  Admittedly these sessions are a lot of work! I customize each cake smash session for your baby. I hand design all my sets and make all the props. From extravagant scenes/setups to a simple color scheme. Whatever you think up I bring it to life. I also only take a few of these sessions a month due to the time consuming nature so.... book fast! ;)

Cake smash images are some of my favorite. Nothing brings out baby faces, expressions, and smiles quite like a delicious cake! Below is a collaboration of some of my recent cake smash sessions.  

Lochlan had a Dr. Sesus themed session. I hand painted those red strips . This little guys nickname is Chocolate! Which was SO fitting because he enjoyed the chocolate much more than the cake ;) I LOVED this little guy. Take a look at his last image. Babies may not be able to talk but that doesn't stop them from communicating. You can clearly see he is telling us he is DONE :D

Rayne, this little sweetie is all about the purple! Mom picked the most perfect colors and outfit for this session. I absolutely loved the purple/teal/pink color combo. I photographed Rayne's newborn session (and used purple!) 

Georgia & Charlee - I have photographed these two little beauties a few times now including their newborn session. I love watching these two sweeties grow. I was pretty pumped to have these two in the studio for their cake smash. This set was so fun. The bright colors just popped so perfectly with their little tutus!

Xavier, seriously this little dude and those curls. Can it get any sweeter???? Xavier is another little one who I also photographed his newborn photos! His cake smash theme was a blue ombre. Mom informed me his birthday party was "Twinkle twinkle little star" so I of course had to bring out my moon prop. His overalls and little diaper cover was just so adorable and made by "Sew Bright Creations" Also Xaviers mom made his cake as well as makes them for others. I will link to both their instagrams below.

Harper, this gal is part of my watch me grow program. And I have done just that! This little miss has came to me for her newborn, 6 months, 9 months and most recently her cake smash. I even photographed her pregnancy announcement! Mom had this beautiful dress custom made just for this little princess so we designed the set to match! We were going for a "princess" theme. You have GOT to check out her converse and how mom glammed them up!

When you bring your baby in for this session its important to remember to just sit back and wait for the magic to happen. This is usually all new territory for them and can sometimes take them a little bit to wrap their mind around the fact there is a whole cake in front of them, just for them! Below are a few tips to help ensure a smooth and successful cake smash session

TIP #1 : Take your cake out the fridge at least 2 hours prior to your session. Cold cakes can be firm cakes making it much harder for baby to dig into.

TIP #2: Bring something to wash it down. All that sticky sugary frosting well think peanut butter. I have found little ones who start to get fussy have a drink of water and then be able to jump right back in.

TIP #3: Mom and/or Dad bring a change of clothes. I know the cake is for baby and you are not expecting to be involved but most times it looks like you were right there digging in too ;)

TIP #4: A wet face cloth in a ziplock baggie can really do so much more than baby wipes!

Other than that just sit back and enjoy! You clean your baby and Ill clean the mess. 

AC Photography is a full service photography studio located in Calgary. I offer digital photography packages suitable for any budget. I have many years experience as a photographer, with babies and little children. I would love to capture some beautiful artist     memories for your family.


Bow tie suspender & diaper cover by Sew Bright Creations (a CAD company!) check out their instagram @sewbrightcreations

Xaviers cake made by his mama check out her cakes on instagram @miss_geminii


Solomon - Newborn Photo Session ~ Calgary, AB

Solomon 10 days new. As you can see this little guy was pure perfection!!! From his chunky cheeks to those pouty plump little lips this guy was a dream to photograph! He was so good to me, reminding me how lucky I am that THIS is my job ;) Solomon is the youngest of four equally adorable boys. I always enjoy my time with this family! I have photographed this family as a family of 5, their wedding day, maternity photos and now as they celebrate the 6th addition to their family. I feel so blessed to watch a family grow and help preserve some of their most precious memories. It also helps that you couldnt ask for a more well behaved bunch of little boys! 

Avery- Newborn Photo Session

Avery was such a sweet doll. So peaceful and perfect in everyway! Her little features were so delicate, and mom and dad were pretty adorable too! :D Mom requested a very simple, natural organic look for Avery's session. And just like the saying goes "Mom knows best", because it was the perfect look for little miss Avery. 

AC Photography retains full copyright. Please do not save or screenshot any of my images.



Kehlan 3 Month Photo Session - Calgary, Alberta Photographer

If this little guy and his sweet little cheeks does not melt your heart, you should get that checked! ;) Kehlan came into the studio as a much "older" newborn than is typcially shot, however we worked with it! And the results are just plain gorgeous!!!!