Elliott's Newborn Session- Calgary Newborn Photographer

Elliott is already shaping up to be one awesome human. From Harry Potter to Star Wars this little fan will blow you away with all his adorableness. He demonstrates he has what it takes to be a Jedi and can totally hold his own wand ;) You have got to check these images out. 

Elliott came into the studio with his mom, dad and big brother. They were all just picture perfect! His big bro was super helpful, Elliott is one lucky little guy. Mom is a blogger of an awesome blog called "See The World in PINK"  <- which is jammed pack with all kinds of great content on makeup, skincare etc etc (I will link her info below.)

I was blown away by how content Elliott was during his photo session (THESE ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ALL HIS IMAGES), Elliott is the prime example of why I do not turn newborns away past those first couple of weeks. Although I do recommend photos be done within the first 15 days of birth I am open to little babes of all ages. I will never turn a baby away due to their age. Mr. Elliott came into the studio at about 6 weeks of age, and as you can tell he did AMAZING! Every bit as well as any 10 day old baby I had. 

If you are looking for a Calgary newborn photographer to capture your baby's once in a lifetime debut, then you are in luck! I have years experience with newborns and children. It is my mission to capture your baby not only beautifully but safely.  For a list of my packages and pricing please visit here. Also I would LOVE for you to follow me on instagram at acphotography_alberta


Don't forget to check out Elliott's mamas blog!


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