Addison, Ashlynn & Astella. New Years Inspired Photo Session ~ Calgary, Photographer ~

For Christmas this year Santa brought me a new studio lighting kit. As part of my gift my sweet girls told me they would "model" for me (Ok so we may have forced Astella into it ;) ) Of course I jumped at the chance! I'm a firm believer of never having too many photos. Although it does make it nearly impossible for me to decide what I want on my walls haha. I am over the moon with this new set up, its like the gift that keeps on giving! This photo session was done "New Years" inspired. Which I find so fitting as I am SO excited for what 2018 holds on a business level for me. Here is to new heights, pushing boundaries, and growth.

Side note: Dont mind Astellas grumpy face, she is getting fed up with mama and photos, I think. Fingers crossed we get some more expressions with her upcoming cake smash this month! 

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