CUTENESS ALERT! I know for a fact it does not get any cuter than this! Sophie was a complete doll! She loved the camera and was such a natural. She really warmed up to me and let her spunky little personality shine! Sophie was born on Halloween! So naturally mom wanted to represent that in some way. We chose the colors (which suit her perfectly!!!) and I incorporated in some pumpkins, and mom brought a halloween cake!

Ashley is a Calgary based photographer located in the NW area of Calgary. Offering nearly a decade of experience. For more information on booking a cake smash photography session and packages and pricing please visit here.

Roman's Where The Wild Things Are Cake Smash- Calgary Cake Smash Photography

“Oh, please don't go—we'll eat you up—we love you so!” Pretty much describes how I felt photographing this baby boy! I didnt want to stop! This book is a favorite among my own children and I had been dying to photograph this theme in the form of a cake smash. I knew planning this session I wanted to bring the book to life. The wild rumpus scene is one of my favorites. So after brainstorming and brainstorming I came up with the idea of the little silhouettes and brought them to life! They are 100% real and not photo-shopped in.

Ashley is a Calgary based photographer located in the NW area of Calgary. Offering nearly a decade of experience. For more information on booking a cake smash photography session and packages and pricing please visit here.

Asna's Newborn Photo Session - Calgary Photographer

These images are some of my all time favorite sibling shots. I can remember how much love these big sisters put out for their new baby girl. This little darling was surrounded by love and is so blessed to be apart of such a great family!

Asna was a rainbow baby. Which means her parents experienced a loss before her arrival. The amazing part to this story is her mother is also a rainbow baby and third child AND they were born on the same day. Such a beautiful story fitting for such a beautiful baby girl!

Kylie's Newborn Photography Session - Calgary Newborn Photographer

Kylie was one of the smiley-est babes I have ever photographed! The image of her “bigger than her” smile in her parents arms is my definition of priceless! I remember so clearly. Once I finished photographing this session I all but ran to my computer. I just HAD to edit the smile immediately. I knew what I got was golden. Such a rare and beautiful moment!

For Kylie’s session we went with a neutral, elegant style. It is so timeless and she photographed absolutely beautifully in the gorgeous lace bonnet.

Are you expecting a new baby in 2019? Or know someone who is? I would love to chat with you! I am located in Evanston NW and have been successfully photographing newborns for 8 years, and loving every step of the way! For more information on packages and pricing click HERE.

Soren & Bohdi's Newborn Session - Calgary Newborn photographer

I love any chance I get to photograph multiples, because if there is anything better than one baby, its more than one baby! This family was so photogenic! Right down to 18 month “big” brother Hudson! One would think this session would be extra hard, but Hudson blew me away! He was the most amazing little toddler I have ever photographed at this age! Enjoy these super adorable photos of three little brothers :)

Scarlett's Newborns Session - Calgary Newborn Photographer

Scarlett and her big sister photographed like little Angels! Their sister photo is so precious. Mom had the dress bought and I matched and styled the image to the dress. I couldn’t be happier with the results and mom was in love too!

Ellie's Cake Smash Photo Session - Calgary Photographer

I absolutely can not look at a single photo of this baby girl without completely MELTING!!! She is the most adorable little thing!! And her little personality is bigger than her she has sass she has spunk and I could just keep her! She absolutely performed for her smash! She was all about the camera. This Ice Cream Parlor theme is one of my all time favorites.

I LOVE cake smashes! I love getting hands on and creating these sets from scratch. Everything you see is created by me the banners the signs, the custom ice cream containers etc. After spending hours on decorating sets I purchased a die cutting machine that helps me to create absolutely anything using my Photoshop design capabilities. For more information cake smash photography sessions please visit here.

Canaan Newborn Session - Calgary Newborn Photographer

This beautiful boy was a preemie and born under 4lbs. He is a little fighter and made it home in record time; despite his early debut. He is also the youngest of 5 boys!! I absolutely love photographing this sweet family. I have been so lucky to be a part of many milestones in their life. From my first session with them when they were just a family of 5, to their wedding, more family photos, pregnancy announcements, and each new boys newborn session. I just adore these boys and am confident you will not find more well behaved little boys anywhere! <3


Aminah's Newborn Session- Calgary Newborn Photographer

Every now and then I get to photograph what is called a rainbow baby. A baby born after a loss. Aminah was one such baby. So of course we incorporated that into the session. 

Aminah is the youngest of 3 beautiful little girls! These sisters will melt your heart in this breathtaking images. I sersouly could have photographed them ALL day. They were THAT amazing in front of the camera. 

AC Photography is a photography business located in the NW quadrant of Calgary. Ashley has been photographing newborns for 8 years, has three children of her own and works from a cozy home studio in Evanston. To book your newborn session and/or view newborn packages visit here. 

Harlowe's Cake Smash ~ Calgary Cake Smash Photographer ~

This darling little girl just stole my heart with her adorable little face!!! This cake smash had extra special meaning to Mom. Harlowe is named after her late grandmother and the angelic set created was a tribute to her. I could not love this set more. It feels so wonderful to create something with such a beautiful meaning, it may be my favorite to date, yet!

Avery's Cake Smash ~ Calgary Photographer~

Avery's minimalist inspired cake smash turned out absolutely stunning. From the tiny details of her tiny toes, scattered roses, her adorable silver spoon to her larger than life grins (and white balloons!) I couldnt love a set up like this more. It also helped that this baby LOVED her cake. In fact she may even hold the record for most cake consumed making her way all the way to the second tier! ;) I could not get enough of this girl and the proof is in the pictures! 

I have been photographing Avery since she was born. She was a calm serene newborn and now a happy, adorable little toddler. The changes I get to witness and watching little budding personalities is one of the many reasons I just love my job. 

Zavian's Cake Smash ~ Calgary Photographer ~

Zavian's mom requested a COOKIE MONSTER theme for this sweet boys cake smash. I have been wanting to do a cookie monster theme for SO long. I had so many ideas I wanted to incorporate. And besides who doesnt love cookie monster???

As you can tell Zavian was completley into the photo session! He had all kinds of charming smiles for me and he was a pretty awesome smasher too! As you can see the was not much of the cookie monster cake by the time he was done ;) 

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